Valuing our Azorean communities is one of the broad objectives of the Azorean Diaspora Council, the new organ proposed by the Government of the Azores and approved unanimously by the parliament, which intends to give voice to thousands of Azoreans scattered around the world.

A valuing that does not forget each Azorean’s importance to the promotion of our (home)land in his/her host community, and has the ambition of going further, collecting the contributions of all those who eagerly wish to participate in the process of development and progress that the Azores are experiencing in the most diverse areas.

In practice, it is about intensifying more and more this umbilical relationship through an institutional body representative of each Azorean in our diaspora in the world, so that we can become stronger and more united, as a people and as a region.

This is your space! I wish it to be a true link between all those who are immensely proud of being “Azoreans in the World”.

A very warm welcome to you all!


 Vasco Alves Cordeiro

President of the Government of the Azores