The Azorean Diaspora Council (ADC) aims at ensuring that the Azoreans from all over the world are listened to, participate in, and collaborate in defining common goals within the Azores’ development project, through debate, issue of opinions, suggestions and proposals related to emigration and the Azorean diaspora.

The responsibilities of the Azorean Diaspora Council are:

  • Involve the Azoreans living outside the Archipelago in the debate and definition of the Azorean public policies and public projects, especially concerning the increase of the relationship between the Region and the Diaspora in the world;
  • Issue opinion on legislation, programs or measures taken by the Regional Government related to the Azorean Emigration and Diaspora;
  • Contribute to the definition and coordination of policies to reinforce the relationship between the Diaspora and the Region, through opinions, suggestions and proposals;
  • Insure the auscultation and representation of public and private entities which, within the scope of the Region, follow attributions related to Azorean emigration and communities;
  • Present proposals that meet the needs and aspirations of the Azoreans in the world;
  • Improve coordination in the actions between partners and intervening entities;
  • Perform other duties established by law.