The Azorean Diaspora Council meets ordinarily every two years, under the presidency of His Excellency the President of the Regional Government of the Azores, and it encompasses thirty-five members, for a 4-year Term:

  • The member of the Regional Government with competence in matters of emigration and Azorean communities;
  • Three representatives of the Azores Autonomous Region Legislative Assembly;
  • Nineteen representatives elected of the various geographic regions of the Azorean diaspora;
  • One representative of the Casas dos Açores World Council;
  • The regional directors with competence in the areas of emigration and communities, social solidarity, jobs and professional qualifications, culture, tourism, and incentives;
  • One representative of Association of Municipalities of the Azores Autonomous Region;
  • One representative of the emigrant´s associations present and active in the Azores Autonomous Region;
  • One representative of the Directorate-General for Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities; and
  • One representative of the Portuguese Communities Council.

The election of the 19 representatives of the Azorean diaspora takes place through the digital platform Açorianos no Mundo.